I enjoy creating audio content, especially educational podcasts, mostly around teaching and leading.

I present Talking Heads on Teacher Hug Radio every week. It’s an easygoing conversation with a school leader. We explore their educational journey, what they’ve learnt along the way and what they’re currently focused on. If you fancy being a guest, just get in touch.

I also hosted The Leaders Team podcast for the leader segment at Twinkl.

I’ve also been fortunate to be invited as a guest on several podcasts.

  • Anti-Small Talk with Shuaib Khan. My first-ever podcast and I got to talk about teaching, life and even music with Shuaib who has now become a good friend.
  • Tiny Voice Talks with Toria Bono. I’ve done two episodes with Toria and always really enjoy working with her. The first episode explores how I recovered from injury and began to rebuild my life. The second episode explores leadership in schools and follows on from my chapter in her Tiny Voices book.
  • Primary Education Voices with Matt Roberts. We discuss values, consistency and inspiration. I’ve also written a chapter in Matt’s soon-to-be-published book which accompanies this episode.
  • Staffroom Soapbox with Ian Timbrell. This was a short one, exploring the fact that in school no one is ever ‘Just a…’ anything. We all have a multitude of vital roles to play.
  • Of Primary Importance with Kat Cauchi. I always enjoy working with Kat. We’ve produced long, short and group content, with some being available as sound through Spotify or Video through YouTube.
  • Twinkl Podcasts. After launching the first podcast from Twinkl with The Leaders Team, I recorded episodes with the Trainee Teachers segment and what was the main channel.
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